MercuryFirst Support for Policyholders During Crisis

April 16, 2020

MercuryFirst will be updated tonight to allow mid-term annual mileage changes. Mid-term annual mileage changes can be submitted by the agent in MercuryFirst for annual mileage levels above 6,000. Policy changes to adjust annual mileage mid-term to 6,000 miles or below will be blocked and require underwriting approval. Premium reductions as a result of mileage changes will result in return commissions.

Many customers are driving less during the shelter-in-place period currently in effect. Any annual mileage changes should reflect the expected annual mileage driven for the next 12 months, not only the limited driving during the shelter-in-place period but also the expected miles driven after the shelter-in-place period is over.

If you have any updates that need to be made to your policy, please contact your Agent Rebekah at (916) 960 – 0583.