September 14, 2020

Attention: We received a bulletin from SafeCo!
PG&E has settled with insurance carriers for certain wildfires in California, including but not limited to the 2017 Tubbs and 2018 Camp fires. Safeco Insurance has received a portion of the settlement, and the subrogation recoveries have been credited back to the individual claims.
Some of your customers were directly affected by these wildfires. We understand these events and the rebuilding of homes and lives in the aftermath have been difficult for our mutual customers — and for you and your staff.
Our business is to provide peace of mind, and in that spirit, we’ve made the business decision to reimburse full deductibles unless the policyholder pursued a claim directly through the PG&E Trust or reached their policy limit. While nothing can undo the devastation of the fires, we hope this gesture adds a measure of comfort to your affected customers and their loved ones.
In the coming weeks, customers will receive reimbursement checks with this message:
“Safeco is returning the full deductible for your claim on XX/XX/XX. We have no legal obligation to extend this refund but made the business decision to do so. This does not set precedence for any future claim handling.”