Attention Mercury Customers:

August 21, 2020



Mercury representatives are available to help while following social distancing procedures with arranging for temporary housing and provide assistance with living expenses if policyholders suffer a covered loss or were forced to leave their homes in response to mandatory evacuation orders. Residents evacuating their homes should make sure they have the necessary supplies to keep themselves and their family safe during the evacuation.

We are here to serve you and your family.

  1. Report your claim immediately to start the claim process
  2. Your claims adjuster will contact you as soon as possible
  3. Advance claim payments are available to assist you and your family.  Any advance payments will be subtracted out of total claim payments made for your loss.
  4. If your home is a total loss contact your agent to discuss reducing coverage temporally
  5. Notify your mortgage company that you have a claim pending for building damage from the fire.
  6. If you are unable to return to your home.  Save your reasonable living expense receipts so an adjuster can review and discuss coverage for Loss of Use.  If civil authorities temporarily evacuated you due to the fire you may have coverage to help with reasonable living expenses for up to 2 weeks.
  7. Create your list of items destroyed and begin to create a file of photos, and proof of ownership documentation for list of items lost.  Any videos created before the file should be provided to your adjuster.
  8. If you are able to return home please do not discard any items until your adjuster is able to investigate the loss.
  9. Be prepared working with a total loss home can be 18 to 36 months long
  10. You will want to work with your adjuster when deciding on rebuilding or buying a new home.
  11. If you have questions during the process your adjuster is the best contact to discuss your next steps and help you through the total loss process.
  12. Begin to research contractors or insurance restoration professionals.  Check the BBB, and other sites to help with your search.  Set a time line with your chosen contractor to complete repairs to help keep the repair process on track.  If a loss of use claim is applicable, the time available is based on reasonable time to complete the repairs and your policy has specific limits.